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camera Having *finally* (is almost 2021!) upgraded my YouTube vlogging camera from the Panasonic G6 to the Panasonic GH4

Have loved the Panasonic G6, such a big upgrade from the original Panasonic GH1 which I started this filmmaking journey with (although technically it was my girlfriend's Nikon D90 or my sister's Canon T2i that I borrowed for the first handful of shoots), but in recent years I've been considering an upgrade. First to the Panasonic G7, simply to get 4K, but as the price of the Panasonic G85 kept on coming down on eBay that tempted me instead for the better low light, the live HDMI out, and of course the IBIS! But this is a slippery slope, because as I wait... then the Panasonic G9 got that big 10bit firmware update, and their prices were coming down with time too. (& more firmware updates came out too, such as better AF for the G9, and being a USB webcam for the G9)

Never really seriously considered the Panasonic GH5 or GH4, as they always got the most attention, thus I felt they always kept up the highest prices on the secondhand market, compared to the value that the Panasonic G series offered instead. But I still kept half an eye on the GH4/GH5 sales, just in case. Even considered a few alternative options such as Fujifilm, or for instance the Panasonic S1 that I bid on last week until the price shot up far too high for my tastes. In the end I kept on coming back to Panasonic MFT as offering by far the best value for money. (& the fact I already owned MFT lenses helped too)

However, today I won an action for a Panasonic GH4 for only NZ$417! (less than US$300)
That was a price too good to ignore (but I doubt I'd have bid a penny higher), thus to my surprise I find out I've settled with the old Panasonic GH4 as the upgrade from the G6 I'm going with. Even though I'd like the IBIS / better high ISO / etc of the G85 or G9, it isn't such a bad thing to have settled for this cheap deal of a GH4 because it is just going to be for casual vlogging usage to create simple content for my YouTube channel.

One very small benefit of going with the Panasonic GH4, is that when the price of the Panasonic G9 finally tumbles down to sub US$300 (right after the Panasonic G12 gets released?), then I'll be able to use the same Panasonic DMW-BLF19 batteries in both! (which wouldn't have been possible if I'd got a G7 or G85)

Now, how many more years until I upgrade my "big camera", the Sony PMW-F3? The F3 is a truly fantastic camera! I still think there isn't a better 1080 camera at this price point (but the world is moving onto 4K). Had it a fair few years, unfortunately the F3's popularity didn't last too long because the Canon C300mk1 got released shortly after and the C300mk1 just *dominated* the low / mid end professional work for that generational cycle. (interesting how the secondhand F3 has seen a bit of renaissance in 2019/2020 thanks to Caleb Pike & others)

Been wanting to do the natural upgrade to a Sony PMW-F5 for a while now, but can't justify it because as a Sound Mixer I don't do a high enough volume of camera work. The FS7/FS5 or even a secondhand FS700R might very well make more sense! (I like for instance all the work done with the FS700R by this guy: https://vimeo.com/paulbates However the FS700 isn't as nicely ergonomic as the FS5! That compact size is fantastic)

Just keeping my eyes open for the right secondhand deal, in absolutely no rush whatsoever. (as I'm still primarily by far a Production Sound Mixer, as what I do day to day)