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Having done an animated music video in stop-motion

Hello everyone,

Having done an animated music video, my animator friend has asked me to help out with the share action.

I help out seeking for the interested fields! :)

"Each new episode of the Magic Shoe is highlighting a different cinematographic technique, as well as promoting the London rock band El Deyma's latest single. This episode uses a collage stop motion technique. It took one day to shoot the characters on green screen, more than 250h to select, retouch and hand cut the 1,200 frames selected and three weeks to complete the animation."

Can I add here the video made in stop-motion, the ep. 3 of the story?
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I don't now whether it's ok to post full video here or it's considered advertising?
I wish I could add some fun intro tracks, though I have it on my disk and we didnt upload this content

Anyone? Do answer, I dont consider it rude if you tell me it ''advert''