Hat's Off To Leawo Blu-ray Creator For The Perfect Festival BD

Okay, with Festivals right around the corner, I am working on self playing Blu-ray Discs without menus. I got the Share Blu-ray Disc option with FCPX and discovered it only has a 50 fps option and made a disc image. Problem is, Finder can't read it to burn. So, I tried Roxio Toast Titanium. It made a disc that only plays on my iMac. Then, I remembered I bought Leawo Blu-ray Creator shortly after I bought the Leawo Blu-ray player app. So, I tried Leawo. I am able to select my fps and resolution. Since my film is made at a 25 fps, I chose that. It not only burned a Blu-ray, it created a new disc image. The Blu-ray works great with my TV and Blu-ray player. And, Finder just burned a Blu-ray disc that works without formatting errors like the FCPX disc image has that Finder can't read.

Just passing this along to anyone else who needs a Blu-ray burner app that works to create Blu-ray videos for a TV and Blu-ray player combo.