Has anyone tried Kunaki.com for DVD fulfillment ??

I saw a blog post where a local Film guy was selling a movie thru Kunaki.com

Has anyone used them ? They say they integrate with Amazon for fulfillment as well. Only $1 for a DVD plus shipping...
I have not used them but I have heard they are good. I know some people use that service to sell products like info products. The good thing is that they make on demand. Probably worth giving it a try.
The good thing is that they make on demand.
How does that work? Can people order a movie to watch on their TV set through this company?

BTW I use ccnow.com for to ship my own DVD's. They take about 10%. They're essentially a third party credit card processor and shopping cart. You paste their HTML code onto your web site. I've been with them for like 12 years. Never had a problem. They pay every 15 days.
What I meant by on demand is that they will make a DVD when a customer orders it versus making you buy a 1000. They will make 1 copy if a customer orders and ship it for you to the customer. So you can set it up to pay you your cut probably by pay pal and they will do the work of making the dvd and shipping. That is why I said it probably would be worth trying out.

They only charge $1 per DVD from what I have seen. Then what ever you charge extra is your profit. The customer would need to pay shipping costs.


ive used them before and love them. You upload your dvd to them along with cover art and they duplicate it for you for mass orders or single orders. Shipping is fairly cheap. They also provide you with a link where people can purchase the dvd or music cd from.