directing Has anyone directed a music video?

Hi guys,

My name is Chris Kirtley and I’m a director based in London. I have a background in TV commercials however recently branched into music videos. I found the experience to be completely liberating and the creative freedom was superb. I normally work under quite a few constraints involving marketing execs, ECDs and brand bibles etc. However this time it was completely different and the writing and directing process was inspiring.

I worked with an indie band called The Pale White and the film can be found here -

The label were brilliant and give me creative control. I’m interested to hear others experiences working with artists and labels. I believe working with more high profile artists will probably mean more restrictions and compromise. Let me know about your experiences and please share the work.
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The true restrictions in music videos come from way too small budgets to be really creative: no money for a crew or art design are the real killers in my experience.
How bigger names let you be creative or not depends on the artist and management and on how you communicate you ideas: there is no rule there.

Great video, btw.
Welcome, Chris. I did a few back in the early 80's for Warner Records, and after 40 years I'm proud to admit that they were probably the biggest pieces of artistic shit since Flock Of Seagulls and the aluminum foil wrapped tripod on the turntable. A music video is all about telling a story in 3 1/2 minutes, and I don't think that fast. But I admire the hell out of those who can. I always wanted to do something like Michael Nesmith's "Cruisin" or ANYTHING for Frank Zappa. BTW, very nice video... it reminded me of videos XTC did in the 90's.