news Greta Gerwig Assures Fans There Are ‘a Lot’ of Ryan Gosling ‘Barbie’ Looks That Haven’t Been Revealed

Expectations for Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” movie were always high, considering Gerwig’s past successes as a writer and director and the casting of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. But interest grew exponentially after a series of leaked set photos revealed outfits that the two actors would be wearing as Barbie and Ken. There was particular excitement over their cowboy outfits and neon roller skating getups, both of which prompted endless speculation about the film’s mysterious plot.

While many fans were thrilled to get an early look at the soon-to-be-iconic costumes, others were concerned about having the film spoiled for them — but according to Gerwig, there’s nothing to worry about.

In a new red carpet interview with Variety, the director promised that the leaked outfits are “not even close” to everything that Gosling wears in the film. She expressed gratitude for the strong fan reaction to the early photos, and promised that there is a lot more to come.

“That is how I felt and how Margot felt and I’m thrilled that everyone shares that feeling,” Gerwig said, before being asked how many different outfits Gosling wears as Ken. “I really, I couldn’t say, but it’s a lot — it’s a lot, it’s a lot.”

Positive reaction to the set photos has resulted in great publicity for the film, but not everyone was convinced that the leaks would be a good thing. Robbie recently revealed that she was “mortified” by the leaked photos from the set.

“I mean, I knew that we had some exteriors to shoot in L.A. I knew, OK, once you were doing exteriors, you’re gonna get papped,” Robbie said. “There’s probably going to be a little crowd of people who are going to stand out, because, you know, we stand out a little bit in those outfits. So I knew there was going to be a little bit of attention, and probably some photos would get out there, but not like it did. It was like mad. It was like hundreds of people watching.”

Warner Bros. will release “Barbie” in theaters on July 21, 2023.