Greetings from Indonesia!

Howdy y'all! My name is Bernard and I'm in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am General Manager of JIExpo Theatre, the largest and most advanced performance center in the country. I have 48 years of experience in theatre, film and broadcast experience (from the age of 12) as a writer, producer, director, editor, and (gasp) talent. I come from Houston, Texas, and I have lived and worked in Ireland, England, Germany, Spain, and now Indonesia, where I've lived for the past 13 years. I am interested in promoting Indonesia as a production hub, and specifically my theatre as a studio and sound stage (with huge back lot too). I also want to keep up with my peers in the world of production, to offer my insights and gain new ones. My experience includes hundreds of stage productions, a dozen of so features, broadcast field and studio production, and yes, even radio (remember when?). I welcome new contacts on any topic and look forward to adding value to IndieTalk. Thank you!