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Hi everyone,
GoreCartoons here, or Joe to my friends, hows everyone doing?
I registered here a few years ago but have mainly been a reader rather than a poster, until now that is.

I run an independant film company in the North of England. The crew and I get together every few months to do films, just thought I'd post my address details, maybe get some opinions.

Heres the link:

Let me know what you think, we've produced four features in the past 5 years as well as 20+ short films and a couple of music videos. Any feedback would be great.

To date we've spent just under £200 on the company and the films we've done, which is pretty low when you consider just how much we've done in the few years we've been in business.

We're untrained, we dont pay our actors or the composers or even the directors (sadly) but that doesnt matter because in the long-run its not the money we're after its the enjoyment we get out of having a really unique hobby, friends who help with that hobby and the satisfaction that something exists that otherwise would'nt if it was'nt for our (sometimes) hard work lol!

Joe x
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