Getting Avid certified

Will Vincent said:

If you're a Full Sail student, isn't that information they have? Heck, don't they have the hookup for you? :) (BTW: how is it? I thought about going there a few years back)

I have been forgetting to ask the instructors.

Full Sail is good I suppose. It's fast and full of info. There's some negative stuff, like it being so fast.

But, I'm glad that I am going right now.
That's cool... I dunno I could never justify the tuition, especially since I would have had to come up with rent and stuff on top of it, since i'm from Minnesota. I dunno if it's changed, but when I was looking into it they didn't have any dorms or anything, just apartments, and that obviously means food is extra too.. of course now I'm taking out loans for community college, taking classes I absolutely hate, and dreading every second of it, as well as dreading having to pay back the loans. So I guess it's a "6 in one hand, half dozen in the other situation."

Well, anyway. To help tide you over 'til you talk to the instructors:

(You didn't mention what kind of certification you're looking into, so I assumed operator, rather than instructor or support rep)

Looks like there's training centers in Miami and Orlando, so you could get to one of those while you're at full sail, or this one is in your home state.
I couldn't find pricing info, but you should be able to get that from the training centers.. keep in mind they will probably try to convince you to take the classes before taking the test, which is not required by Avid. If you're already being taught this stuff at full sail, that would definately save you some funds.
Well the problem with it is I'm going for Computer Science.. haven't really learned anything I didn't already know, I don't want to be there at all, and it's definately not what I want to do for my career.. hence my presence here, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to have something to "fall back on" after all, the computer field does have some good paying jobs, and I can use all my programming skills to create new plugins and such for Lightwave, and After Effects and all that jazz.. but I'd rather just make film. ;)