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Gear you can rent from fellow filmmakers

I work with the gear rental service, KitSplit, which allows for filmmakers and photographers to rent out their gear to fellow filmmakers and photographers in the U.S. While it's primarily focused on New York and Los Angeles and launching in Atlanta soon, users have posted their gear all over the U.S. (one production I'm working with in Philly got all their gear using KitSplit for a shoot they had this week). So, I wanted to highlight some of the gear KitSplit users have available here in case anyone is looking to shoot with any of it on their upcoming shoots. Maybe someone near you has what you're looking for?

The Sony a7S II has been the most popular camera rented on the platform this year. You can see listings for the camera here: https://kitsplit.com/rentals/sony-alpha-a7s-ii