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service Free Orchestral Music (Original Compositions for YOUR project)

Hello Everyone,
I am a music student, and lately, I've been wanting to get more experience as a film music composer since my only experience until now, are some scores I did for film students. That's why I'm willing to work for free for a couple of projects, in order to build a portfolio that I could showcase in the near future.

The music that I would do is mainly but not exclusively Orchestral. I work with the BBC Spitfire Orchestra Software, which is made with recordings from the BBC Orchestra, giving the scores not only a natural and organic sound but a beautiful and customizable sound as well. In case anyone is interested, you can contact me through my e-mail "matiasbeckmann@gmail.com" and I would gladly send some examples and discuss your project and ideas.

(Please specify the topic in the email, otherwise, I might not see it since I get too many emails to open them all)

Many thanks and best wishes!
Mati Beckmann