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music FREE Music Library

Hi all!

My name is Nic Silver and I’m an artist, songwriter and music producer. I wanted to share a FREE resource I’ve been working on for awhile called Gyft Music. It’s a website offering ALL my music for free. When I created the site I primarily had indie filmmakers, content creator and small businesses in mind. It’s basically for anyone that want some music for their project but don’t want to pay for an expensive music license or commit to a subscription service. All music is licensed under the Creative Commons license, meaning the music is free to use however you wish, you only need to credit me when you do use the music. If you are interested you can go to:


There is no signing up process or anything like that. All songs are available as MP3s or high quality wav files with the click of a button. I hope you find something on there that you like! Keep in mind it’s a pretty new library so it’s not that big yet, but I will keep adding to it over time so make sure to check back from time to time.