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Free Movie Poster Design

Hey Guys! New to the forum. I'm a graphic designer and film maker, looking to add to my portfolio some movie posters. I've been working on posters for old movies that I had nothing to do with, but thought maybe I could offer the services to people perhaps actually needing a poster created.

I would make the poster absolutely free of charge, and offer two revisions. All I would need is high resolution production stills, film description, and any notes on what the film's creators want the poster to look like.

If you would like to see some of my work, you can go here -


There are some movie posters towards the middle.

I promise this isn't a gimmick, I'm not selling anything, or have any alternative motives. I just want some great source material to go into the posters I'm adding to my portfolio. Post any questions here, or PM me if you're interested and we'll start working it out! Thanks everyone.