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Welcome to IndieTalk! Please enjoy the forums and follow these simple rules.

  • One account per person.

  • No cross-posting. Cross-posting is cutting and pasting the same post to multiple forum categories. Please choose the most appropriate forum for your post, and post it there. Cross-posting is considered spam, and clutters the forum.

  • No thread bumping (replying to your own thread) without relevant or new information. Do not post "bump". No excessive bumping.

  • DO NOT advertise in the discussion forums. Please choose the most appropriate forum under the Classified Ads heading. Classified ads that are posted to discussions will be deleted.

  • Signatures are only allowed by Premiere Members. If you are not Premiere, do not try to add a signature to your post by adding it at the end of your message.

  • Do not use the forums as an advertising tool to promote direct competitors of This includes "What other forums are out there..." type posts.

  • Always choose the most appropriate forum category for your post.

  • Please keep all off-topic discussion in the forum category The Lounge.

  • Please read the Announcement posted in the Screening Room about showing your work.

  • No pornographic or offensive images in avatars or profiles pictures, or linking to pornographic sites.

  • We are a group of filmmakers. Politics only serve to divide us. We do not allow political discussions unless they are related to film. If they turn into political bickering, they will be closed.

  • Racist or any remarks that can be considered offensive will not be tolerated.

  • Do not cut and paste articles from other sources unless you have permission from the author. You may, however, post a summary and a link (this is within the fair use guidelines).

  • Do not post a person's personal information without their permission.

  • If you have a legitimate complaint against an individual or company, you may post your experiences. However, these posts may be deleted by management if we find them to be unwarranted attacks or if they lack specific information to avoid confusion with other companies or individuals.

  • Please be civil. Do not attack others. Discussions that turn into flame wars will not be tolerated.

  • Management reserves the right to ban a member at any time. This is a private forum.

  • If you want to dispute or protest an action by a moderator or admin, please use the PM feature, and do not make a post in the forum. These issues are to be dealt with privately.

  • Respect the moderators - they work hard to keep this place running smoothly.

Of course the most important rule is to have fun, network, and make friends! Enjoy!
Not open for further replies.