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call-for-entries FINAL DEADLINE April 18 - Scriptapalooza

24th Annual Scriptapalooza Screenplay & Shorts Competition

There is never enough time for writers.
A script can always be tighter.

Scanning a script for a rogue typo can make your eyes blur. However, the time has come to release your script.
Scriptapalooza’s FINAL deadline is April 18th.

Our judges have been reading scripts and are once again impressed with the level of talent. Remember, when you submit your script to Scriptapalooza your script may generate interest early on and with your approval we provide your contact info to the judge.

Scripts in the top 100 benefit from entering Scriptapalooza. We promote them for an entire year. The first place cash prize would be great but it is the opportunities that change a writer’s career. As always, each year, we are committed to helping discover as many writers as possible. We hope you are one of them.

Good luck and write on!