Film festival question: Online vs virtual.

If YOUR film was an "Official Selection" in our film festival, (short films), which would you prefer

  • Wait for a new date (TBD) for a "live" festival in 2021 when we have a vaccine and covid has passed.

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We are festival directors of a small regional Indie Film Festival,
and our advertised festival date is soon approaching.
We have just been informed that our venue has been
permanently closed due to covid. We can either find a new
venue, wait for a vaccine, and reschedule for 2021, or we can hold an
immediate online festival and not worry about a live
show...which brings us to our poll question...virtual festival now,
or perhaps wait up to six months for a new date and venue.
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Since most of the festivals I know of have gone online to virtual festivals this year? I think people are very much primed for that happening. We're all used to seeing it during these times so why not another?


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In general and in normal times, I wouldn't submit to an on-line only film festival. But at this point, I think it's the way to go and aim for - hopefully - a live, in person one in 2021.