Film Composer looking to take on different projects

I have just joined this forum and is now searching to collaborate on projects, So here I am.

My name is Fredrik Käldqvist, I'm a composer who specialize in Orchestral music. I'm completely self taught and has been composing for 5 years. My main focus when creating a track is Good melodies and harmonies, I believe that is what makes a track enjoyable to listen to.

I have been featured on youtube channels such as Epic Music VnX, Music Supremacy and AmbientMusicalGenre, etc. I'm now searching to take on a different path and start composing for film/game projects and further my career into something more worthwhile. If you need an epic musical score for your film/game. I might be your guy.

And if you ever need an Ambient track. I can also get you that.

You can find my music here ---> And by searching Epicano Music on youtube.

Contact me via Email
I hope to here from you soon and maybe we can collaborate.

Thank you very much
Fredrik Käldqvist / Epicano Music