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Film challenges and a proposal

Could I make a proposal?

I saw Brandon Li's "boring room challenge" on YouTube, and it reminded me of some fun a few friends and I used to have: set a challenge for a micro film or short film, and have people do what they could within constraints. I figured this was be a good idea for those new to film-making and intermediates to challenge their creativity, and get some helpful "on the job" experience and feedback from others. As a learning experience for film-making it is a very good tool.

I actually have a short list of various of these "challenges" which could be used. As an example:
The Shortest Film challenge.

The idea is to make a narrative film with the shortest run time possible. At least under 3 minutes, but preferably under 90 seconds. Any genre can be picked, but there must be a narrative happening in as short a time as possible, using any methods the film-maker sees fit.

"Judging", if such a term could really be applicable, would take into account story, characters, lighting, sound, videography, cuts and editing, direction, continuity, music and sound effects (where applicable), and so forth. Whatever is picked up on by the critics. It wouldn't be based on length, but the challenge is to make something as short as possible.

I think these could act as a great learning tool, and aid creative skill for those relatively new and inexperienced.
Any feedback here is welcome.