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call-for-entries Fiction Podcast Competition



PaloozaPodcast is a competition devoted to fiction podcasts. This is a relatively new field for writers to tap into and get their work produced. We have industry recognized podcast companies judging the entered material. The winning entry will have their podcast produced and receive $1000.

Podcasting is an increasingly popular pastime in the U.S. and is quickly picking up the pace all over the world. Podcast statistics and reports show that this medium is exploding in many countries with more and more listeners each year.

Our podcast judges:

David Ledgerwood - Content Allies

Fatima Zaidi – Quill

Lindsay Graham – Airship

Ross Plotkin - Barevalue

Lauren Shippen - Atypical Artists

Robert Tuchman - Amaze Media Labs

Alison Broverman - Pacific Content

Scriptapalooza will produce the podcast, attach cast and crew and approach all of our contacts to get the podcast greenlight.

You are already ahead of the game.

Fiction podcasts and screenwriting both are storytelling. The format will basically remain the same, however, much shorter with audio cues as opposed to visual cues.

Think of it more like episodes for a TV show. The episodes length can be 15, 20, or 30 minutes. The idea is to keep the listener engaged to want to keep listening to the series. The ending of each one should feel unresolved yet interesting enough to retain your listeners.

As a writer, you also want to grab and hook your listeners in the first several minutes of the podcast, or they lose interest and tune out. It’s similar to a screenplay’s first 20 pages. You want to draw them in and become invested into what will happen next.

What makes a good fiction podcast?

Some of the best ways to adapt a traditional screenplay to a fictional podcast script is with dialogue and narration, foley, sound effects, and even sounds from nature as well as music. The idea is to transport the listener to another world full of sound and mood—a world you create.