Experimental Combo - A question

Hi everyone. I live in Argentina where dollar costs are very high because of the exchange rate so we have to find combinations to get closer to what we want as equipment to make it affordable.- In that sense I've been evaluating my current camera Canon T2i/550D with Magic Lantern to replace it by a used Canon 7D attached to an Atomos Ninja 2. Besides that DSLRs have ,as you know, limitations that camcorders haven't so as a second camera and after a research I've been thinking of the following combination:

Camera - Used mint condition Camcorder Canon XL H1A (it records on Mini DV full _HD 1080i and output BNC)
besides it has interchangeable lenses, zebras, etc, etc. I can use EF mount lenses with adapter
Price US$ 800
Recorder - Used Blackmagic Video Assist 5" which have BNC input connector
Price. US$ 500

Of course the idea is to use the external recorder instead of a mini DV casette.

Could you please give me your opinions about this idea. I think it is a good chance having a Pro camera and recording Prores 4:2:2 for less than US$ 2000

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