Editing Software for These Effects

Does anyone know if there's affordable editing software (under $200) that's relatively easy to use that can create the types of effects in this video (at 5-10 seconds, 38-50 seconds and 60-68 seconds into the video) which includes the floating text, lines drawing around buildings and highlighting the buildings:


I believe it was created with Adobe Premiere/AF, but the price and learning curve is a bit too much for me. I currently use Wondershare Filmora, but it does not have this capability. Thanks!
DaVinci Resolve has a free version. It also has a steep learning curve, but it’s worth the time.

HitFilm also has a free version. Not as big of a learning curve, but not nearly as powerful as Resolve.

Either of those offer 3D compositing that you’re after.


Resolve is free, but make sure you check the hardware specs: if your machine is not ready for it, it ain't free software anymore.
I've done something vaguely similar (line art over live action) using artwork created in a separate program (Serif DrawPlus, .gif file with transparent background) imported into Lightworks. It was done as a "quick and dirty" exercise, inserting an "Easter Egg" into an unboxing video my son asked me to record/edit, but was so easy and effective that I'm hoping to do something more complex as a personal goal.

In fact, now that I think about it, I'm nearly sure you could do the whole thing in DrawPlus (which includes a quite a powerful animation tool): if the background is not very "video-y" then it's more of a text-and-art animation than an editing job, isn't it?