computer-related Editing 4K video with 6 core 8750h 2.2ghz and 16gb ram MSI GS65 Stealth laptop

Seems to me I should be able to edit 4K with this laptop, no? I'm using Filmora and it is too slow to edit 4k video, much to my disappointment. It even offers to create a proxy clip that is lower res while editing and yet the program is still too laggy to do any editing. I recently bought a WD_BLACK gaming external drive (not for gaming, but for storage) and am editing from that drive, but even when I move the video file back to my laptop's main SSD it still is too laggy / slow to edit directly from the SSD. I realize this is sort of the bare minimum hardware for editing 4K but I thought it did at least meet the requirement.

Anyone else edit 4K video successfully with similar hardware? If so, if you could share your experience that would be so helpful!

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I've edited 4k on lesser specs and had no issues... I've also edited 4k on way better specs and had nothing but lag.

What you're editing has as much to do with editing performance as the resolution. In other words, resolution is just one parameter in the equation.

I don't know anything about Filmora and how it reacts. What bottleneck are you hitting? The big four are HDD? Ram? Video Card? CPU?
Also, what codec are the files compressed with? It may be a codec Filmora is having a hard time with to decode on the fly, in which case a conversion to a more Filmora-friendly codec (with f.e. Handbrake) could make the difference.