Dx Editing | Foley | Sound Design | Re-recording Mixing

Hi all!

My name is Sean and I focus on audio post production for media. I've been working at BYU - Idaho's audio production rooms for the past 3 years which has given me the chance to work on hundreds of film shoots. I recently decided what niche of audio I wanted to specialize in. After some soul searching I decided that location audio mixing and composing isn't what I want to focus on. I'm a post guy through and through!

I'm a HUGE fan of the indie film world. While mixing on a pro dubbing stage for a Hollywood feature is a checkmark on the bucket list I have a huge soft spot for the grit and texture that indie films bring to the table.

You can check out my current projects on my site's homepage - https://postaudioformedia.com

I also have a blog that I'll start posting on more frequently in about a month's time all on production audio. I plan on going over loads of topics ranging from location audio gear, boom techniques, lav hiding, post production workflows, Dx editing, etc.

If you all have any projects you need audio support on or just have a question feel free to reach out anytime here or by emailing me at contact@postaudioformedia.com

Best of luck with your current and future filming! 😁