DV tapes, obsolete by 2011

Yes, it is sad. Tears almost come in my eyes (almost) when I think about my first digital Hi-8 camera, and Stephen, my DVX.

The word is that some companies will stop making DV tapes next year. And as for all the rest, they will stop producing them in 2011.

So whether we like it or not, we are stuck with film and HD. But it really isn't as much of a downer as I'm making it sound like. I think I'll just have a bittersweet farewell (meanwhile, stocking up on MiniDV tapes at Costco).

The good thing, HD is much better to work with (recording onto hard-drives or cards). It keeps your clips organized, great resolution, and is much much friendlier for film transfer for theatrical than DV and HDV.

In the past year, I've worked a lot with the Sony EX, Panasonic HVX, and the RED ONE. Of course, I started in film so I do prefer film like every other film student snob. But in this world, film students need to be well-rounded and be ready for whatever camera is thrown at them. Thank goodness that film is still around and advancing year after year. And as for HD? No sweat. No piles of DV tapes to sort through, digitizing one by one, logging clip after clip through long mpeg files....

Anyways, so just something to think about if you're shopping for a digital camcorder.
Cassette Tapes (audio) is making a comeback too.

The moral is this: don't make specific predictions about the future, especially specific dates -- learn from psychics and other hucksters -- keep your predictions vague! :)