Droppin' by 2 say "HI!"

Hi everybody!!!

I just wanted to say HI!! and that I'm glad to see that there's a interesting forum out there that can motivate me, inspire me and help me become a succesfull filmmaker with all kinds of tips and tricks.

Right now I'm stuck in Amsterdam, but I really want to see the world and see other filmmakers do their thing..and I really hope that one day I can collaberate with other filmmakers all over the world to make some cool movies. I really love to write, my english is ok..It's not at it's best, but I'm getting there.. Currently I'm writing dutch movies and I'll be directing two of 'm within the next year. I'm going to make the switch to english when I think I'm ready. Next to all of this I also love photography..I really think that helps me with my directing skills.

I really like this forum and I hope to learn allot from all of you spreading knowledge.