Every great empires have fallen. So did some of the most promising film directors in Hollywood.

They say it takes talent, energy and passion to make a mark in this competitive industry. And we've seen directors who had them all, and did unimaginable things at the start of their career. They capture our imagination, brings in loads of money for the studios, and change the course of film industry to a completely different direction by creating a trend.

But in the later stages of their career they lose momentum with one flop, and their path of decline starts. Ofcourse there are directors like Spielberg, Ridley Scott etc. who keep reinventing themselves. But there are directors like Coppola, John Carpenter etc. who fail to recreate the magic in the later stages of their career.

Is this what we call destiny? Or is this what we call fate? Or simply speaking, over confidence?

What do you think?