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misc Does anyone know of any 1960s/1970s gore/shlock film scripts online?

For example, Hershel Gordon Lewis's movies. I'd prefer scripts over transcripts, but even transcripts would work as I'm mostly interested in the "vibe". I know you can buy the script to Blood Feast as a book, but I'd prefer to not spend any money on this side quest.
Here is a link to a transcription of the script for "The Abominable Dr. Phibes".

Here is the shooting script for "The Crazies".

Just decide on a movie you want to try to find the screenplay for and let your favorite internet search engine do the heavy lifting.
Yeah. The reason I asked is because most of the films I'm after barely had scripts and no one thought to preserve them. The Crazies (the original) and Phibes are not in the league of the films I am after. Also, neither of those are shlock. But thanks for trying.