Discord for Content Creators and Audio Engineers/Composers!

Hello everyone! Sean Crone Audio is a server with one goal in mind: Bridge the gap between audio and visual. The server is open to anyone but is primarily aimed to composers, audio engineers, studio owners, directors/producers, game devs, content creators, and all around media nerds.

The server is designed to help facilitate discussion between audio and visual creators to help each other learn how to work with the other. I would love for a TON of projects to come from this server and help everyone learn how to work together and raise the next generation of creators!

There's also a media business section to help creators learn how they can monetize, brand, and market their services to help people reach the goal of working for themselves full time doing what they love!

See you soon, fellow nerds!


For context if you don't really know me I mainly work as a boom operator, Foley artist, sound designer, re-recording engineer, recording engineer, and broadcast engineer.

I love composing and do it more of a hobby at this point and my passion right now is in film/game audio. I also love studio design and nerding out about hardware I've worked at BYU Idaho for the past 3 years in their audio studios and have been able to intern on the film Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace for Foley, sound design, and re-recording.

Thanks and I hope to see you there!

~Sean Crone