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video DINOSAUR VFX Visual Test

Hello friend! I’m very excited to know what YOU think of this visual edit.
You may or may not know that my first fantasy feature film in my Saga releases on Christmas Day. However while that is the case I am also looking towards planning the sequel of the saga. My first film is mainly animation, however for the sequel I plan to create it in FULL LIVE ACTION.
This does create a dilemma, since the sequel demands dragons, dinosaurs, krakens, leviathans, huge battles, world cataclysms and more. And aside the 25 miniature sets I have to make somehow for below $1000, I also need to find out how to make these huge monsters for below that as well. Seems impossible right? Im not some huge Hollywood director, I can’t afford a professional CGI team. Therefore I am trying to discover ways to make these visuals without CgI, for free, and in efficient ways. (And if My first feature doesn’t get much funding for the next, it’ll be my lonesome self working on these visuals).
So here I present the 1st PROTOTYPE, TEST, MARK 1 visual of a dinosaur looking over a suddenly abandoned fireplace. (nature footage isn’t mine, it’s from the YouTube channel TheSilentWatcher ) I used 2D illustration and key framing to make the dinosaur. If much hope is seen in this visual pathway, then I will add even more detail going forwards. Such as lips moving, eyelid closing, tongue moving, individual scales interacting etc. This only took me 4 hours to make.

Love ur opinion! I’m not looking to make infinity war level visuals, only good enough to get the story across WELL and NOT BE CRINGE At all. That’s all I need for this to work. Any advice, ideas are all really, really welcome And sooo appreciated.

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