Dealing with police cars


My upcoming project opens at the scene of a car crash. So I have two police squad cars coming in for the scene and I'm already worried about how to handle the light. The scene takes place at night and I can't get access to any cop cars prior to the shoot in order to test out my lighting.

Has anyone dealt with lighting a scene that features flashing police lights? Essentially the scene is a character talking with a poilce detective, so as of right now I plan on lighting the actors with halogen work lights in order to minimize the effects of the blue strobes that surround them. (don't want to give anybody a seizure at my screenings)

Like I said, when the cop cars roll in, we pretty much have to start rolling camera, so any help would be greatly appreciated!


bring lots of scotch tape and neutral density film...that way if the lights are too bright inframe, you can quickly slap some ND on them.