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Hello everyone,

Apologies if this has been covered before. Just wondering if anyone had any tips on what type of filter/lens to buy, or post production software to use, for good day-for-night footage?

I don't have the budget to get good enough lighting to film at night, so I'll need to film all night scenes in the day and then make them look like night time.

Here's some test footage at various aperature settings with Schneider and Tiffen's day for night filter offerings:

And another slightly better example with the tiffen filter: http://vimeo.com/56744428

To my eye, the tiffen looks too blue. The schneider seems more neutral with just a slight color cast.. it's too bad the sames in that first video are all way too dark to be very useful.

As for software solutions, there are MANY tutorial videos on youtube and vimeo to do a day for night color grade in a variety of software.

To make your life easier in post, avoid inclusion of the sky in your shots whenever possible and it'll be a lot easier to sell the graded shot.