Dancing For Money

Hello! My name is Hunter Hoffman and I am the Executive Producer/Writer of a new, comedic, fantasy short film, "The Creeper's Curse". We have just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Seed&Spark and are looking to raise $10,000 toward post-production costs, film festival submissions, and our premiere in NYC.


If you donate $35 or more toward our campaign, you are able to choose a song for me to do a creepy, interpretive dance to and I will post it all over our social media platforms. We already have a few rounds of dance videos up now and have reached 42% of our goal in one week and are now featured on Seed&Spark's "Highly Anticipated" page.


"The Creeper's Curse" is about a chef, Roger, who is notorious for hitting on women when he's had too much to drink, aka he's a total creep. The morning of the New Year, Roger comes into work incredibly hungover. His co-chefs, Gwen and Marc recognize something is off about Roger. It's discovered that the night before, Roger aggressively came on to a witch and was placed in an ancient curse where he can only speak in Elizabethan English and starts slowly being taken over by a demon. Can Gwen and Marc help Roger break "The Creeper's Curse" before it's too late?

Though our film is quite the over the top comedy, at the heart of the story, "The Creeper's Curse" is about the accountability of men being able to control their actions as well as the responsibility of others to step in when they see someone crossing the line.

Check out some of Hunter's creepy dance moves here (https://youtu.be/DMKS2dZm4EE) and follow and donate to our campaign at www.seedandspark.com/fund/thecreeperscurse to help us reach our goal!


Hunter and The Creeper's Curse Team