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watch Dämonie (CE Pictures & Wave Pictures)

Hi guys,
I would like to present our latest no-budget short film "Dämonie" (engl. "demonic nature) . It's a german thriller that was shot in december 2008 and is now finally up online.

Trailer and Teaser on Youtube.


Thomas Koch
Nadine Petry
Marius Schneider
Robert Ludewig

written and directed by - Christian te Baay
Producer - Marcel Breunig Christian te Baay
Director of Photography - Thomas Bünger
Sound - Gregor Bös Tobias Engelhardt
Technical Assistant - Thomas Platz
Makeup - Sonja Ziegler

Download DviX-AVI, AC3 5.1
Download DviX-AVI, mp3 2.1
Download subtitles only (.srt)

Watch on vimeo
Watch with english subs

The 45-minute film was shot in 6 days on the Sony FX-1000

It was a really low budget production but we managed to pull in a few favours and ended up shooting in a amazing location.

More info on the project on www.ce-pictures.de/daemonie

Please comment!
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Not ignoring your film, but I dont have time tonight. Want to watch the whole 45 minutes, probably tomorrow.
First I am a complete ameteur, so you shouldnt take my criricism too seriously. So, are you ready?? This will be long. :) Also, this is all train-of-thought, as I watched the movie.


-"The Murder in the Disco" game doesn't make sense. It seems that the game would be viable for 7 or more people only.

-Good ending to intro. We want to know what happens when you "put them together".


-He's cold she's not (hint??)

-@6:47 No!! Why would she want to play the game?? ( Hypothesis she is the protagonist in the expirement)

-@7:51 Subtitles for the titles of the books are needed, they might be a clue.

-The "metalic" music is a bit much. The movie should provide the suspense and the music accentuate it.

-@11:00 Did you fillm under a stadium of some typre??

-@16:30 There should be less talking with the mouth and more "talking" with the action. Create suspense with situation and action.

-@17:43 This is a time for DOLLY-IN W/ COUNTER ZOOM

-@ 17:55 "like you or her" There has to be a better way to keep us guessing.

-@19:20 "It was so fuzzy" There was a lot of detail in his description before he tells us its "all fuzzy"

-@ 23:05 He says "Everything is clear." How?? I have seen nothing so far in the movie that I would base any conclusions on. If ouyre trying to sell "craziness of the character" it needs to be set up more. If you really think we should be able to draw a conclusion at this point in the story??? We can't. Not enoug info...even false info.

Here's a guess- They are all actors. Each confesses his or her part. And that's when the real mystery begins??

-@28:00 UH-OH!! :) Its happening :)

Conclusion- Okay...."Demon" a specifi name to an un-named predictable ending.

I did like your film. As far as the story goes: I am sure a lot was lost in translation. If you want to show it to an English speaking audience, the subtitles must be better. I feel that a lot of the suspense was lost in the nuance of language. I am a novice in the areas of sound and cinematography so I wont comment there. As for the story: Is it not in the same ballpark as DOOM...kinda?? I liked it!! I liked it!! I liked it!! Sorry to seem so critical....maybe its late. But I really did enjoy the film. You can tell a lot of time and effort went into it. Good work.
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Huge "Thank you" for you comment.

The subs for the books are in fact missing. Sry for that. The title reads: chronicles of life

You have some good points on storytelling. I'm sure we'll take them into concideration for the next project.

Thanks again for the comment. I really enjoy reading constructive criticism like yours.