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campaign Cubicle - Crowdfunding campaign for comedy short!


I’m an actress, writer, and co-founder of Daybreak Theatre Company. We recently wrote and produced 4 short plays as part of our ‘Enclosed Spaces’ production. Each play followed the theme of being trapped, either physically or metaphorically, with the genres ranging from dark drama to comedy.
‘Cubicle’ was our comedy of the evening, and is now being made into a short film, which we are currently crowdfunding for. It’s the story of 2 women who are hiding from their problems in the adjacent cubicles in a nightclub toilet. A conversation sparks from a lack of tampons and toilet paper. Of course, with this being a nightclub, there is a barrage of comedic interruptions from other nightclub punters with their own stories.

We have a few days left of our crowdfunding campaign and still need a few extra bob to give this film the high production it deserves. We need to pay for transport to move equipment, location, food, and hopefully pay those involved. The arts is a very underfunded area, and we would love to make this film the best it can be. Of course we understand the cost of living is crazy now, but if you can’t donate, please share for us!
You can follow our theatre company on Instagram @daybreaktheatre. Our current production @enclosedspaces2022. The company making the film is @dawnskyfilms.

Here is the link to our campaign.

Thank you!