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Crawford and Oates - Indiegogo Campaign


I've launched my funding campaign on Indiegogo for my first feature 'Crawford and Oates'.
It started life as a short film which was shot in 1994 and was written by my friend Christopher Atkins.

Since then, we both thought it would work well a feature but drew a blank on how to build on the original story.

Fifteen years later, I decided to return to this project and I wrote a script based on the original short story, but I also wrote about true events which happened to me and my friends over the years.

This film aims to change the rules of your traditional rom-com. Its a rom-com with a bitter twist.
First, there's no stuttering Hugh Grant with a floppy haircut (sorry). Second, I wanted something different to your typical happy joy-joy all loved up ending and kissing in the rain scenaro.

I'm a film-maker who doesn't like your typical predictable storylines as I guess with many film-goers they do tend to bore me.

Also to give the audience a more realistic feel to the film, I'm shooting it as a documentary.

Please take a look at http://www.indiegogo.com/crawfordandoates

If all goes well, production will begin later this year. :)