legal Copyright and lighting fixtures and projectors

I'm shooting a film where the character uses lights like in the attached image. The first image is simple shadow and light, the second is colored lights and images from a type of projector. I'm curious if either of these would be covered under copyright and therefore permission would be required to use them? They aren't critical to the story but would be helpful. I've reached out the creator but haven't heard back yet, thank you for any feedback.
The image produced is copyrightable under certain circumstances (i.e. the Bat Signal is property of DC comics), but that doesn't mean that the specific lamp shade has ever been copyrighted. To me (and I'm not an attorney), the lampshades you're talking about are nothing more than intricate "cookies" and pretty much free game. Can you use the lighting and not focus on the actual lamp fixtures? It may all hinge on whether you show just the lighting or the lamp/projector itself, and how identifiable the unit is. Nobody cares what kind of flashlight you're holding, but the leg lamp from "A Christmas Story" would be different.