Cooperation non-profit


Non-profit projects right now.
I want to be a director and I'm working on it.
I would like to build a permanent "core" team for my future projects.
I'm looking for someone how wants to be screen writer or he already is a screen writer. I'm looking for a friend whom i can cooperate with for long time (not only for one project).
I write scripts for my projects but I think I can find someone better then me in writing. I want to cooperate with somebody and help each other. I want to make short films for festivals and maybe one day I will make movies with budget.

About me:
To make long story short. 29 old man:) from Poland. I'm working in postproduction for movies and tv from 7 years. I have small sucess as a director my documentary short film was screened in Berlin Short FIlm Festiwal in 2015.

Location: global
preferences location: Europe (easy to make beer toast :P) but you know, this is not main thing:)

any questions? don't hesitate to ask

best regards