Cookies - new short in the making

Alea iacta est. (As Julius Ceasar once said after crossing the Rubicon.)

We're embarking into new territory as we decided to make a short before summer.
This time we'll need to crowdfund, which is not new to me in theory, but it is in practise, so that wll be an interesting journey. After making over a hundred or even 200 videos it is time up the game and make a short that might get into festivals and might open the door to financing new shorts in the future.
(So I have to get it into NFF, the Dutch Film Festival for sure.)

Title: Cookies.

It's a dry comical relationship drama with a surreal edge about cookies that are alway finished when you want one. Really. Always.
It has irritations, anger, uncomfortable silences, drama, paranoia, monsters. I think you all'll love it.

(Hahaha, I managed to put 5 Ls next to each other :P Although it is bad spelling ;) )

BTW, we'll be crowdfunding through a Dutch site first as it offers taxbreaks to the people and businesses who contribute. So in the first part of this journey we won't be begging you to help ;)
But you can state you future pledges below ;)

I just wanted to share this and keep you posted.
Preproduction is slower than expected.
Next week we will shoot the video for the crowdfunding. Hopefully we can go live right after easter.

This week some news came in: we managed to get a small grand that covers 20% of the budget :)
Hopefully tomorrow I get good news about a sponsoring deal :)
A few people already promised to support us, which is great.
The real pre-campaign campaign will start tomorrow by contacting close friends and business relations.
sounds good, make sure to send a link to a trailer or something of such when you get closer to release as I want to see where this film goes,awesome.
I certainly will!
I will even post the Dutch Crowdfund video :-p

We didn't get the sponsor deal we hoped for. We are now looking at alternatives while we are getting ready to launch the crowdfunding campaign.

A little sneak peak from last weeks shoot:

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