file-related Converting DV to HDV

I shot a film in 2003 using a Canon XL1-S which produced a 16:9 image with a resolution of 720x480 using a pixel aspect ratio of 1.21. The DP did a beautiful job and I was stunned by the results. Using Zeiss prime lenses on the camera was the main factor in obtaining the image we wanted.

I was never able to complete the post-production process and am attempting to do so now. My main concern is the low resolution, in relation to the high resolutions we have today. I know that Photoshop can do some pretty amazing upscaling of images, and wondered if there were any solutions out there that did the same for DV? If I could even get it up to 1280x720 it would be a huge deal.

I've tried using a 720p sequence in Premiere and then applying a scaling effect but the results are mediocre.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
Redgiant has/had a nice upscale plugin.
It used to be called HD Ready. I still have it on my old computer. I bet a newer version will have better algorhythms to get better results than 10 years ago :)
(ATM AI upscaling is being developed.)