producer Content Aggregators Charging Pitching Fees vs Submission Fees ... and licensing fees.

For Example, Quiver posts the following price breakdown : Quiver pricing

Let's consider Netflix. Do I pay quiver pitching Fee (to pitch to netflix) first, and only if NF accepts my movie, do I then pay (and have an option to Not Pay) the Netflix fee?

And what does getting accepted by Netflix (or other SVOD) through an aggregator here mean, anyway? Do I get a licensing fee upfront or do I only get a per stream fee?

Anyone who has experience with Quiver/ Juice worldwide specifically please chime In. TIA!!

I know people will stumble over themselves telling me I don't have a shot with netflix, hulu etc, etc. Sure. Just indulge me hypothetically :)


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I decided to pass on Quiver and go with FilmHub, as I just didn't want to pay any more fees.

My features did get on Tubi, which is decent.

Don't know what would happen if you get a Netflix deal. Can you ask someone at Quiver?
I did - they sent me to faq - I posted a version of this same question on other places (reddit/facebook,etc) someone has yet to give me a straight answer haha. Still hoping. How are you making out with Tubi? Care to share a link to your film?
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After the fall of Distribber, my personal thoughts about a distribution company have shifted toward negative. I submitted my short film to them at the beginning of 2019, but requested a refund after the length of time between responses with customer care. Luckily I got the refund right before they officially went bankrupt. Not saying all companies are the same, but I know Amazon and other services have made it pretty easy to submit stuff right? I've heard it really isn't that hard to set up on your own. The hardest part is keeping something up there from what I understand.
This definitely IS the upside to Amazon. The rates are very low - as discussed HERE - but it's not that hard to get done.
btw, did you create all the necessary deliverables through a third party or yourself? If the first, did you go through one place or source out a bunch of different vendors?

I checked out the trailers btw, looks nice! I gotta set a date with my lady to check them out though - these are definitely more up her alley than mine's.


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btw, did you create all the necessary deliverables through a third party or yourself? If the first, did you go through one place or source out a bunch of different vendors?
They were done via a variety of third parties. So cc on each movie was done as it was finished - 2 different vendors were used, plus a separate one for the Surviving Family titles in German (that's where the director is from). Posters were done by different people as well.

Hope you and your lady enjoy them - they do definitely skew female, although I know plenty of men who have enjoyed them :)
Cool - thanks for your replies. I'm currently trying to decide whether i should split making all the diferent deliverables across multiple vendors and then bring it to an aggregator like Quiver or have it done all through them to save me a lot of headache.

Only problem is quiver is clearly charging a hefty premium on most of the services (CC I believe is $9/minute on there, as opposed to, which is little over $1!)
Yeah - so they have yet another line item for CC Conformance (which I'm guessing is "re-doing" by quiver to fit their asset delivery system, unless I'm wrong) is actually included.

BUT, and this is a fun one, they charge $500 for subtitle conformance and charge $14/minute(!!) for subtitle creation otherwise. The other places I price for subtitle, even with all kinds of added features, is about $7 - and that was on the high end.


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That's a lot. All I can say is I suggest you make sure that the premium you're paying over FilmHub etc is worth it.
It may be - if you can get on Netflix etc, it probably is. I didn't think my movies - as proud as I am of them - were going to get that level of attention.
well, I guess the thing with filmhub vs Quiver / bitmax seems to be that the former takes 20% of all your earnings, and the latter takes nothing other than the upfront fee -- If I'm not mistaken.


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How's Tubi doing and what's your marketing strat for that?
Tubi's doing pretty well for us - it pays better than Amazon Prime.

I do some paid Facebook marketing from time to time, but I'm not convinced that it's really worth it.

For that matter, I'm not convinced of the usefulness of any of the marketing that doesn't cost oodles and oodles of money.

So I frequently share the links around, talk it up to people I meet, and that's about it.

We do have actors who work a lot & are fairly visible, so we benefit from that.