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This is news, but I will get to more, this is an amazing explanation of working spot news, which I have many times :)

Just sharing thoughts on composition in general in a field I worked in. I am not him, just sharing a video explaining spot news. And then there is advanced composition when you have time (on the tripod) that are beautiful. Many news photographers are AMAZING at creating the most amazing compositions because they spend so much time just getting the basics, that it becomes a real passion when they can really capture amazing compositions. If you ever want great cinematography for your production, I would highly suggest asking a news photog for some ideas, the larger the market, the more skilled the photog. Denver, even though is not the largest market, has the most amazing news photographers. Their news packages all look like amazing movies lol
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Here is a great example, this is a news feature story from Denver, and had a limited amount of time to put this together. This is AWESOME composition!
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