Do you make music? Do you love extremely short notice? Then this is the gig for you!

I am looking for a remote composer for my 48HFP team THIS weekend. I'd hoped to find someone in London, but alas, so I'm willing to consider anyone, anywhere if they can commit to producing a few minutes of music between Saturday and Sunday. Might suit US composers, because our Saturday nighttime will still be your Saturday day time...

Anyhow please respond here or email me asap! Thanks! :)
I'm busy with other projects (and I've done 3 48s this year already), or I would absolutely do this with you! If you get really stuck, drop me a line and I can send you some library/previous work you can use.

For other composers considering this: DO IT. If you've never done a 48, it's a wonderful (albeit high-stress) exercise that will build your skill and speed. It will not be your finest work, but the more you do it, the better the next year will be, and the better your regular work will be. And Nick is a good guy, so help him out!
And Nick is a good guy, so help him out!

Aww :blush:

Thanks Josh, I may take you up on that offer if no-one gets back to me. I'm happy to work with library music, to be honest, but it'd be great to have a custom score and, you know, it's an award someone could win!!