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lighting Cockpit Movement - Lighting Example

Hi all,

I'm just working on something involving cockpit, shots of pilots, Star Wars X-Wing cockpit shots as an example, i know for the feeling of movement there were just some guys waving lights around & extra hands moving the set around.

Has anyone seen, moving light bars on amazon or something that one can place around a green screen film set, that could achieve the same result?

I was thinking of those disco movement lights without the colour on, but i don't know if they have the same effect, has anyone tried anything like this?

I have seen these LED light bars, that have a pulsating light on for shots involving cars, to give the illusion of driving along a street, but i cant find what they are called anywhere, or tried to find something like this on Amazon as i dont really know what to search for!

Has anyone got such tips for this?
Unless you're talking about an X-wing in a dogfight, any sense of movement by your vehicle is going to be negligible (unless it's traveling at warp factor OMG). In "straight and level" flight ("level" not really applying in space), any background stars the camera sees are likely going to be scores of light years away. But there's tons of royalty free "space travel stock footage" you can grab offline. I'd recommend looking for something (free) tat someone else has already done the heavy lifting on. I GOOGLED "traveling through space background" and found 4 or 5 interesting sources that might be worth looking at.