Cloud Storage

Howdy folks,

I have a drawer full of harddrives, which isn't ideal/entirely safe, as well as being kind of expensive - so i'm looking into cloud storage (pretty much just to have back ups). Does anyone use cloud storage? My requirements:

  • At least 20TB of space (unlimited would be good, but my funds aren't unlimited, so can compromise for the short term)
  • No file size limits (in my research I've seen some services limit the file sizes you can upload)
  • The option to have multiple people accessing the drive/cloud (so clients/collaborators can easily share stuff)
  • Some sort of automatic back up feature might be nice, albeit not overly necessary
How fast is your internet?

Cloud storage is handy, and I use it for general files, but backing up whole projects onto the cloud could take days to upload and/or download.

I'd look into a RAID enclosure with a bunch of spinning drives. Redundancy and cheap (enough) when you need a new drive.
Yeah fair point. Internet here is pretty fast.

I don't think i'd use it for a current projects back up - more just an archive of work I don't want to lose completely (as well as being perhaps an last call back up for raw footage and audio for current projects). I do also want to use it to back up general files, music, movies etc :)

That said I should definitely learn some more about RAID systems. Do you have any advice for RAID?

And what cloud storage do you use/how do you find it?