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watch Check out my short film!

I think that was pretty cool. I think the camera work was good (other than a few of the handhelds, which I think could have been lessened)...but overall, there were some really nice shots and moves.

The story and execution was interesting...odd...odd and interesting. It kept my attention.

The laughing at the end was the funniest part. That guys is funny.

I know what the lead bum was going for, and he's got a good look...but he was kind of annoying. He was trying too hard to be funny, crazy, strange...whatever. No offense...just what I personally felt.

Thanks. Cool stuff.
Interesting.... The Bob Cat definitely stole the show. Best part of the film was probably the sound. Nice mixing. Liked that kinda rattling "Planet of The Apes" percussion noise, if you know what I'm talking about. Are you influenced at all by Karlheinz Stockhausen?
Hey thanks for the feedback guys!
I was actually quite happy with both actors' performances, though I can see how one could see the main characters performance as too over the top.

It's funny that you should mention Planet of the Apes, as I count Goldsmith as one of my biggest influences in my music. That sound you mentioned is actually a snapple-cap put through an echo chamber.
I use Cakewalk Sonar Producer 8, with Kontakt 2 and East West Symphonic Orchestra for most of my compositions. For this one I actually used Logic and recorded all of my own samples (using trash and found objects, because of the nature of the film-i.e. it's about a hobo) using a condenser microphone. I mixed it all with Logic.
Yeah, that was the whole crux of the picture... the AIDS part.

Hey Larry, I see it says you're an editor. What'd you think of the editing in the movie?

The sound design was superb in my opinion.

Although.. the shot where he discovers the needle in the arm of the corpse, the sleeve is pulled up. But when we see the actual needle in arm, the sleeve is down. Of course, I know, it's easier and less time consuming to have a needle penetrating cloth instead. lol. And I'm not sure why you used that out of focus shot of it as we see what it is from the medium shot. It just seemed like you were using the footage because you had it.

other than that, it's pretty well made. good job.
Actually the out of focus shot was something of a failed joke. Notice the difference sound on that shot than on the other cut ins.

It's supposed to be a parody of that idea of cutting in when something dramatic happens (that same idea is used earlier in the film) it's supposed to draw attention to the editing techniques used. Imagine it like a real time ordeal with the director saying "Cut in! Cut in! Cut in again!" then the DP says "But that last one is out of focus" so the director saws "Okay, then cut back out again!" You'll notice that it cuts back out again after that.