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Chance to get music-focused short films on big screen

Are you a budding film maker with a short film you’re waiting to show off? I am planning an event that champions the happy relationship between music and the moving image. Please send me your short films, anything goes as long as music is featured somewhere in there. It could be a music video, a collaboration between you and a musical friend, a narrative film with a banging soundtrack, or even a documentary about a band. This will take place at a North London venue TBC, around June or July.

Please send your film in DVD format. There are no real limits on how long it should be, but I would say no longer than about 12 mins just to let others have a turn!

If you’re interested, please email me at katie.steed@blueyonder.co.uk and I can answer any questions and give details of where to send your film to.



Details about me: I am an arts grad (from Bath School of Art & Design) with a determined interest in film exhibition. I love old-fashioned cinemas and have experience of working at many film festivals, including London Film Festival, Birds Eye View and now the East End Film Festival. At the same time I am keen to start organising my own events!