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software celtx cursor moves erratically

Hi, new member.
I have the paid Celtx subscription and it's mostly worked out great; except.... When I'm writing I count on the auto check feature to do my dirty work for me but lately whenever I hit the space bar on a misspelled word, the cursor jumps back to the site of the typo and I end up typing through the word. Example:
-He paised to check his watch
-He pauto check his watchsed

How do I stop this?!
And don't tell me to learn to spell good it ain't happenenin! ;D

Thanks in advance for your help!

Try no to run other programs in background, especially the heavy ones and particularly if the windows are in the same area. I have not experience with Celtx, but this kind of behaviour is usually due to the app (Celtx) losing focus, not capturing properly the user keyboard, and therefore resetting the action to something else.

If it is a bug, just open a ticket with Celtx.