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Watch very recent films and TV shows that were produced/shot in your area. The bit part actors are usually local. When I worked on "Johnny Montana" there were a number of actors that fit this mold. One of the actors, Philip Levy, had one line in "Sleepless In Seattle;" he was the cabby that drove Jonah to the Empire State Building. John Gavin, the writer/director/lead actor, saw his face and loved it for the part of "Mr. Muller." Levy and the others were all excellent, had solid experience - and they worked on "experimental" SAG contracts, so were relatively inexpensive.
You metro area almost certainly has one or more independent film associations. Start hanging out and you won't be able to help bumping against actor and people who know actors.


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i've had such a struggle with actors in the covid-era. it's not easy unless youre gonna put a lot of money into it and pay for tests for everyone and space out your filming dates with different actors by two weeks and all kinds of crazy precautions.

people just dont think its worth it to take any sort of risk for my project. they rather stay home and not act.
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