Canon DSLR

Hi im completely new to film making but have been doing photography since 2004 and writing forever

basically after many years my old Nikon D40 camera has died and im looking for a new DSLR and would like one with film capabilities unfortunatly im poor so it limits my options greatly, I was hoping to get the Nikon D3300 as its been highly recommended to me however its been discontinued and sold out of everywhere all year and im nervous of buying 2nd hand. The Nikon D3400 (virtually the same camera) costs more and is out of my price range.

I have been trying to find a new Nikon in my price range for about 6 months but its just not happening so I decided to look and see if ANYTHING falls in my price range and have found the Canon EOS 1300D and the Canon EOS 4000D both in the sale and both claiming full HD movies (im assuming the are being discontinued too) but I know nothing about Canons as ive only ever used digital Nikons or film Pentax cameras

my questions:

is is either of the cameras any good for film making?

if so is one better than the other? (the D4000 seems the better deal as its more expensive on other sites and comes with free carry bag but no lens)

maybe a dumb question but will Canon cameras accept the lens from my Nikon? (my Pentax lenses never fit on my Nikon and vice versa but I dont know if that Digital vs Film cameras rather than make)

thank you for any advice
There are adapter rings to fit Nikon lenses on Canon cameras, but you may lose communication between the lens and the camera body (things like auto-focus and auto-iris). As long as your lenses have full manual control then you’lll be fine.

I’m not a big fan of Nikon for shooting video. Canon’s color science is much better. If budget weren’t as strapped, I’d say go for a Canon. But you’re also in the position of already having lenses. Shifting brands really means investing in all new lenses in order to be back up to full capability. The adapter rings are okay, but they have limitations.