cameras Camera recommendations for filming video in low light?

I'm just getting into video recording and video editing and I'm looking for a recommendation on a camera for filming in low light. I'd rather spend <$500 usd to start out. Basically I'm going for a similar effect found in this video. I don't plan on taking videography too far, just mostly for clips/playthroughs of things I write. The guy in the video told me he uses a canon rebel t5i and 1 softbox light. With all the cameras on the market and my lack of knowledge just thought I'd see what you guys' thoughts are. Thanks!

That image quality is pretty good. But I’ve heard the best low light performance comes from Sony Cameras. Like the A5100 or a6000. Generally the bigger the sensor is on the camera the better the quality will be, also Sony being mirrorless may make the low light quality better. So yea that’s my recommendation the a5100 or if you can find a G7 Lumix online for cheap. Find one of those second hand and u should get it for around $500.
A T5i might be good to.
Just remember it’s not all about the camera, you need to do research into lighting as well and manual settings.
These are the factors u need to take into mind

3:The sound quality (better the sound, the better the image will actual look, clean sound=clean image (subconscious trick for the viewer)
4:learn the manual settings of the camera for best low light performance
5:Color grading and editing, learn how to color grade professionally. I see people not color grading their footage and it makes me cringe so hard.

So yea hope that helped out.